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Why You Should Invest in Mixed-Use Property

Mixed-use properties are common in metropolitan cities like New York and Washington, D.C., where population density requires efficient use of space. However, as social standards and consumer behaviors change, the appeal is growing in communities nationwide.

If you’ve ever walked through a historic downtown area, you have encountered this type of combination real estate that layers residential and commercial fixtures for a walkable community. It’s easy to understand the convenience of having a coffee shop, favorite restaurant, and other local businesses close to home.

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6 Loan Options for First-Time Home Buyers

House flipping is a real estate venture that involves purchasing homes that need a facelift. After fixing up the home, the value goes up, and the renovator ends up selling the house for double or triple the price. House flipping can be a lucrative business when done right, but it’s important to note that it comes with financial risks, especially for first-time buyers.

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Don’t Get Scammed: 5 Signs Your Loan Isn’t Legit

Business loans can be an excellent idea to help your business grow. However, when shopping for a business loan, you want to remember that scammers out there take advantage of business owners they think may be desperate for help. Knowing how to check if a loan company is legitimate is essential. Business loan scams have long lasting effects on business owners and once the scam is done it is hard to recuperate those funds.

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Here Are the Rehab Loan Rules You Should Know

An FHA 203(k) loan, or a rehab loan, could be your ticket to reaching home equity wealth. This loan allows you to buy or refinance a home that needs work and add the renovation costs to the mortgage. Many homeowners use this type of loan because it can be an affordable option to pay for a home improvement and expand home-buying options. Here are the rehab loan rules you should know before applying for an FHA 203(k) loan.

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Everything You Need To Know About Proof of Funds Letters

You’re ready to close on your investment! When you’re buying a house or piece of property, you may need to provide some documentation to your loan broker and to the seller. For example, you might have provided a preapproval letter, which shows the seller that your lender will give you a loan for a certain amount toward your purchase. But how does a proof of funds (POF) letter differ? We’re here to break down everything you need to know about proof of funds letters and ensure you can provide the correct information.

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